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Parts for AutoEXEC 32-Run Expandable Gas and Liquid Flow Computer

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3-0443-1017Combo boardEA$2,320.00
3-0443-839AutoEXEC CPU Board EA$1,576.00
3-0443-842Comm. Expansion Card Kit EA$1,477.00
3-0443-851Digital Output Card Kit (16 DO) EA$1,727.00
3-0443-854Analog Input Card Kit (16 AI, embedded Industrial ARM 32 bit processor) EA$1,675.00
3-0443-857Digital Input Card Kit (16 DI) EA$1,758.00
3-0443-860Prover Card Kit EA$436.00
3-0443-863Analog Output Card Kit1,2 (4 AO) - 3-0443-863EA$1,332.00
3-0443-869Honeywell DE Comm. Card Kit (8 DE) EA$655.00
3-0443-872Pulse Input Card Kit (4 PI) EA$1,737.00
3-0443-921Liquid Flow Card Kit EA$2,330.00
3-0443-938AutoEXEC I/O Expansion - Rack Mount / Panel Mount (Backplane) EA$3,900.00
3-0443-955AutoEXEC NEMA4 I/O Expansion - Stainless Steel Enclosure (Backplane)(AE-020) EA$4,155.00
3-0443-963AutoEXEC NEMA4 I/O Expansion - Aluminum Enclosure (Backplane)(AE-200)EA$3,264.00
3-0446-090PC-Lemo Cable (15')EA$208.00
3-0446-090-BPC-Lemo Cable (25')EA$303.00
3-0447-048MS 212 CableEA$109.00
3-0465-062ASSY, RTD CALIBRATOR- 3 POINTEA$451.00
3-0475-28440W Solar Panel with 2" horizontal pole mount and regulatorEA$839.00
3-0475-41920W Solar Panel with 2" horizontal pole mount no regulatorEA$788.00
3-0475-43180W Solar Panel with 2 "horizontal and vertical Mounting EA$1,168.00
3-0475-43285W Solar Panel with 2 "horizontal and vertical Mounting EA$1,180.00
3-0475-43390W Solar Panel with 2 "horizontal and vertical Mounting EA$1,168.00
3-0482-013Antenna Cable (35')EA$120.00
3-0485-121Internal Antenna Cable 12" (Coaxial Protector - Radio)EA$80.00
3-0485-328AP-Low Cost Radio Ready Kit w/o RS232 CableEA$264.00
3-0485-411MDS Radio Ready w/Poly for AP LCSEA$607.00
3-0485-468MDS Radio Ready Kit w/ Coaxial Protector (less Radio) See Notes: 1EA$352.00
3-0485-580Transnet Com Cable (Williams)EA$55.00
3-0488-022Kit Pole Mounting Fiberglass EnclosureEA$159.00
3-0497-157AX Pro To Flow Computer Cable 10' - Flex Mettalic ConduitEA$165.00
3-0500-003-01PCA Kit, AutoPilot PRO MB Div2 EA$2,361.00
3-0500-023Kit Pole Mounting Metal EnclosureEA$524.00
3-0500-025Comm. Expansion BoardEA$684.00
3-0500-026Analog Input Expansion BoardEA$219.00
3-0500-029I/O BackplaneEA$322.00
3-0500-043Comm. Expansion Terminal Board KitEA$294.00
3-0500-046Analog Input Expansion Terminal Board Kit EA$303.00
3-0500-051Honeywell - 1500 PSIA Low Cost, 0.25% Accuracy, S.S. Process Heads w/ C.S. HardwareEA$1,696.00
3-0500-052Honeywell - 4500 PSIA, S.S. Process Heads w/ C.S. HardwareEA$2,406.00
3-0500-063AutoMITTER Safety Interface Kit Div. 2 (Fiberglass Encl.)EA$877.00
3-0500-064AutoMITTER Safety Interface Kit CE1EA$437.00
3-0500-065Digital to Analog Card Kit (2 D/A)EA$852.00
3-0500-066Discrete Input/Discrete Output Card Kit (2 DI/DO)EA$689.00
3-0500-067Discrete Input Card Kit (4 DI) EA$650.00
3-0500-068Discrete Output Card kit (4 DO) EA$620.00
3-0500-069Pulse Input Card Kit (2 PI)EA$684.00
3-0500-079Honeywell - 4500 PSIG, S.S., NACE CertificateEA$2,486.00
3-0500-08012/24 Vdc Conversion Card KitEA$735.00
3-0500-091Cable, AutoWAVE Programming EA$101.00
3-0500-095Cable Assy, RTD EXT. 25',FLEX MET., APPEA$277.00
3-0500-104AutoMITTER Safety Interface Kit Div. 2 (Metal Enclosure)EA$915.00
3-0500-149Honeywell - 750 PSIG, S.S Head, C.S. Hardware EA$2,276.00
3-0500-152Solid-State Relay Board Kit - Div 2 (4 High Current DO)EA$714.00
3-0500-159Honeywell - 4500 PSIA, S.S. Process Heads w/ C.S. HardwareEA$2,438.00
3-0500-161Honeywell - 1500 PSIA Low Cost, 0.25% Accuracy, S.S. Process Heads w/ C.S. HardwareEA$1,758.00
3-0500-162Honeywell - 4500 PSIG, S.S., NACE CertificateEA$2,488.00
3-0500-163Honeywell - 750 PSIG, S.S Head, C.S. Hardware EA$2,278.00
4-0500-018Keypad 16 position, Autopilot ProEA$175.00
7-0131-275Battery 12V, 28AH (For small battery enclosure)EA$219.00
7-0132-112Mounting Ground KitEA$37.00
7-0132-114Antenna Telescopic MastEA$353.00
7-0132-119Omni Antenna Mounting KitEA$53.00
7-0132-202Yagi Antenna 890-960 MHzEA$369.00
7-0132-205Omni Antenna 806-970MHzEA$153.00
7-0132-208Yagi Antenna Scala Broadband 890-960 MHzEA$304.00
7-0132-221Omni Antenna High GainEA$241.00
7-0132-226Yagi Bluewave Antenna High Gain (Spread Spectrum) - N MaleEA$267.00
7-0132-228LMR 400 Cable 30'EA$117.00
7-0132-233LMR 600 Cable 75'EA$287.00
7-0132-234LMR 400 Cable 20'EA$88.00
7-0132-235Yagi Antenna Bluewave High Gain (Spread Spectrum) - N FemaleEA$301.00
7-0132-239Yagi Antenna Bluewave DB12 - 960 Mhz (Red) - N FemaleEA$358.00
7-9999-988MDS9710B w/DiagnosticsEA$2,633.00
8-0443-1024AutoMITTER PRO Safety Interface System CSA/C-USEA$2,381.00
8-0500-082External Battery System - Large Enclosure Without Regulator (Hold up to 105AH)EA$759.00
8-0500-083External Battery System - Large Enclosure With Regulator (Hold up to 105AH)EA$441.00
APPRO-SW-IDTAGSI / O Enabled KeyEA$1,280.00
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