DensityPRO Series of Gauges

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0055012 IN PIPE SADDLE ASSYEA$2,262.00
0055023 IN PIPE SADDLE ASSYEA$1,081.60
0055034 IN PIPE SADDLE ASSYEA$1,081.60
0055045 IN PIPE SADDLE ASSYEA$1,081.60
0055056 IN PIPE SADDLE ASSYEA$1,081.60
00550610 IN PIPE SADDLE ASSYEA$848.00
00550812 IN PIPE SADDLE ASSYEA$1,136.00
00550914 IN PIPE SADDLE ASSYEA$1,017.00
00551118 IN PIPE SADDLE ASSYEA$2,153.00
00551220 IN PIPE SADDLE ASSYEA$2,259.00
00551324 IN PIPE SADDLE ASSYEA$1,931.00
00551422 IN PIPE SADDLE ASSYEA$2,708.00
220-200000PWA, CPU AssemblyEA$1,375.00
220-200200PWA, AC power supply 115 VACEA$504.00
220-200201PWA, AC power supply 230 VACEA$550.00
220-200400PWA, detector boardEA$690.00
220-200900Temperature compensation circuitry assemblyEA$1,034.00
259-748300Complete electronics chassis 115 VACEA$4,455.00
3-0700-010Cable, HV, IBP to Preamp, NaI DensityPROEA$47.50
3-0700-011Interface Cable - for Remote DetectorEA$208.00
3-0700-012AC Power CableEA$54.00
3-0700-029Kit, Foundation Fieldbus, MS2011T/IEA$959.00
3-0700-030Kit ProfibusEA$1,356.00
3-0700-035Cable, 20 ft. Power Supply, MS2011T/REA$1,859.00
3-0700-041Card Cage Assy, DensityPRO Ultra - new PMT, Detector.. Integrated Version, No boardsEA$5,489.00
3-0700-044Remote card cage sub assembly - Remote Version, new PMT, Detector.. No boardsEA$607.00
3-0700-051Cable, 20 ft. COMM. & 4-20 mA Output, MS2011T/REA$1,859.00
3-0702-011-0PCA, Power Supply, tested MS2011 no HV for TransmitterEA$1,276.00
3-0702-011-1PCA, Power Supply, tested MS2011 one HV for DetectorEA$2,244.00
3-0702-016PCA, LvDn Preamplier, RoHS (tested)EA$1,909.00
3-0702-019PCA, IBP MS2011, RoHS (tested)EA$1,909.00
3-0702-037PCA,Main CPU,MS2011 RoHS (tested)EA$2,057.00
3-0702-079PCA, RBP, MS2011, RoHS (tested)EA$1,194.00
3-0702-082PCA, LvDn ISIO,MS2011, RoHS (tested)EA$779.00
3-0702-095PCA, LCD, MS2011, RoHS (tested)EA$710.00
3-0702-127Kit, Display Assy, MS2011TEA$521.00
3-0702-134HART Board Kit - includes nylon nutsEA$438.00
View3-0704-220Spare Parts Kit Integrated Level/DensityPRO: 1 x PCA, LvDn Preamplier, RoHS (tested), 1 x PCA, LvDn Preamplier, RoHS (tested), 1 x PCA, IBP MS2011, RoHS (tested), 1 x PCA,Power Supply, tested MS2011 one HV, 1 x PCA,Main CPU,MS2011 RoHS (tested)EA$7,288.00
View3-0704-221Spare Parts Kit Remote Level/DensityPRO: 1 x PCA, LvDn Preamplier, RoHS (tested), 1 x PCA, IBP MS2011, RoHS (tested), 1 x PCA, Power Supply, tested MS2011 no HV for Transmitter, 1 x PCA,Main CPU,MS2011 RoHS (tested), 1 x PCA, LCD, MS2011, RoHS (tested)EA$7,040.00
42360120" pipeEA$147.00
42360218", 24",30" pipe sizesEA$216.00
42360316" pipeEA$304.00
423641Up to 14" pipeEA$296.00
5500493/4" NPT to Metric PG 16 Conduit Adapter - M20EA$64.00
7-6000-029Cable, 16 POS, 2mm, 8" Long, RoHSEA$60.00
7-6000-030Cable, 14 POS, 0.1", 18" Long, S-S, RoHSEA$18.00
8-0700-001DensityPRO NAI Remote Detector, Explosion ProofEA$9,625.00
8-0700-002DensityPRO NAI Remote Detector, Explosion Proof, Water CooledEA$11,660.00
8-0700-003DensityPRO NAI Remote Detector, NEMA 4xEA$8,921.00
8-0700-004-1DensityPRO NAI Remote Detector, NEMA 4x w/ Quick Connect and MS StyleEA$8,470.00
8-0700-004-2DensityPRO NAI Remote Detector, NEMA 4x w/ Quick Connect and AmphenolEA$9,680.00
8-0700-004-3DensityPRO NAI Remote Detector, NEMA 4x w/ Quick Connect and JupiterEA$10,148.00
8-0700-008MS2011T Transmitter with Quick DisconnectsEA$5,951.00
8-0700-013DensityPRO Integrated Detector, Explosion ProofEA$10,450.00
810121Cable, 20 ft. Transmitter to Detector, MSEA$1,180.00
810122Cable, 30 ft. Transmitter to Detector, MSEA$1,290.00
817603Cable, 100 ft. Transmitter to Detector, MSEA$1,893.00
817604Cable, 150 ft. Transmitter to Detector, MSEA$2,600.00
886591RJ-11 modular connector jack with common mounting enclosure (no approvals); Model REA$97.00
CP1414712" pipe mount for transmitterEA$909.00
CP141471S2" stainless steel pipe mount for transmitterEA$996.00
DPROCBLKITKit, complete set of DensityPRO connection cables EA$186.00
OTO515AModel 9734 hand-held terminal w/5 ft. RS-485 interface cable w/RJ-11 plug (CSA and ATEX Certified); Model AEA$1,378.00
OTO515BModel 9734 hand-held terminal w/5 ft. RS-485 and 5 ft. RS-232 interface cable w/RJ-11 plug (CSA and ATEX Certified); Model BEA$1,606.00
OTO515DRS-485-to-RS-232 converter with 9 P x 9 P adapter for PC interface; Model CEA$668.00
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