4500 TLD Reader

Parts for 4500 TLD Reader

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View151217Boxer fan 115VAC EA$65.00
View151935Pressuer sensorEA$65.00
View151936Pressure switchEA$66.00
View152054Power supply .5.15. @ 4VDC EA$410.00
View152195Power supply 24VEA$411.00
View161676Hose fitting #10-32THD TO 1/8 EA$14.60
View161678Valve 24V EA$100.00
View161697Hose, black 1/8 ID X 1/4 OD EA$2.70
View161817Fan DC EA$81.00
View161851Wear tapeEA$150.00
View23381Gas heater power board assemblyEA$294.00
View24076Cooler control board (standard)EA$1,470.00
View241417Optical switch slottedEA$77.00
View24743HV power supply assemblyEA$2,040.00
View25773Drawer sensor boardEA$326.00
View25778Drawer LED boardEA$345.00
View26768Photronics digital/analog I/FEA$3,400.00
View26802Gas heater control boardEA$836.00
View27227-3Cable assembly -I/F board, 2.5ft EA$225.00
View28944Fit HTR BD upgrade 45 high TP J EA$1,680.00
Passive Dosimetry: 4500 TLD Reader